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"Quite impressive. A thoughtful, persuasive mind at work."

- David Katz, Chief Judge,The American Prize Foundation

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College Band Directors National Association

2022 Southern Division Conference Performance

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Virginia Music Educators Association

2022 Conference Performance

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American Prize Winner, 2019-2020 Vytautas Marijosius Memorial Award for Orchestral Programming

Announcing the brand-new Randolph-Macon College

Wind Ensemble & Symphony Orchestra!

Five years after founding the Randolph-Macon College Instrumental Music Program, Brian Coffill and the Randolph-Macon College Department of Arts are proud to announce the creation of two  brand-new instrumental ensembles in the Fall of 2023: the Randolph-Macon Wind Ensemble (RMWE) and Symphony Orchestra (RMSO).


What started as a small group of interested campus instrumental musicians in Fall 2018 has rapidly grown to a full community of creative musical citizens. For the instrumental music program's first five years, the Randolph-Macon Ensemble was the primary campus musical home for RMC's band and orchestra musicians, where they shared ideas, repertoire, and creative projects and shaped the trajectory of RMC's musical community. Dr. Coffill's creative work with the Ensemble gained national acclaim in both the band and orchestral worlds, highlighted with the 2020 Vytautas Marijosius Memorial Award for Orchestral Programming and a performance at the 2022 College Band Directors National Association Southern Division Conference.


Starting in Fall 2023, wind, percussion, and string musicians will carry forward this creative spirit into their own dedicated and specialized ensembles, joining the growing,  vibrant musical community that includes RMC's Jazz Improvisation Laboratory (founded by Dr. Coffill in 2019), Chamber Ensembles (2021), Yellow Jacket Pep Band, and Jacketeers New Orleans Brass Band (coming in January Term 2024).

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